PS3 Cell Cluster for scientific computing

Recent Talks


W. P. Petersen on January 16, 2008 in a cluster meeting:
CELL hfn, Sci. Programming, wrappers (PDF handout 132KB)
Wes Petersen talked about the status and the next steps of the project.


W. P. Petersen on November 1, 2007 at ETH:
Green Computing (PDF handout 1MB)
Wes Petersen presented the concept of Green Computing.


François Gaignat on October 18, 2007 at ETH:
Fallstudien-presentation (PDF handout 337KB)
François Gaignat talked about his Bachelor-thesis in the Fallstudien.


Mauro Calderara, Jonathan Coles and François Gaignat in July, 2007 at LBL:
Our LBL Visit: Accomplishments and Future Work (PDF handout 890KB)
Mauro Calderara, Jonathan Coles and François Gaignat talked about the project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


W. P. Petersen on March 23, 2007 at NERSC/LBL:
Playing with parallelism on PS3s (PDF handout 1MB)
Wes Petersen presented our project at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

PS3 Denis Nordmann on January 23, 2007 at ETH's Beowulf Day 2007:
protoype of a cost-effective Cell cluster made out of Playstation 3 consoles (PDF handout 3.8MB)
Denis Nordmann gave a talk about our prototype Cell cluster at ETH's Beowulf Day 2007 and presented together with Stephan Gammeter our project progress.

Opening PS3 Opening PS3 on January 16, 2007:
Gallery - inside the PS3
Some snapshots from our PS3 autopsy.